Golden Echo Daffodil - This daffodil produces tons of flowers. You can expect 3 or 4 stems per bulb and at least two blossoms on every stem.

Tulip Negrita - This pretty purple tulip looks good with everything - whether it's pink, yellow, orange or burgundy. The flowers have strong, sturdy stems and they bloom for a long time.

Ocean Magic Muscari - Everybody loves blue flowers! Muscari complements virtually every other spring-blooming bulb. It's like the little black dress of the garden."

Bulgaricum Allium – This allium's color and cascading bells is unusual. You can watch the blossoms softly dangling to stiffly plight. Re-blooms year after year."

Globemaster Allium – This allium has large flowers that seem to last forever. They bloomed last spring for almost a full month.

Sunset Mix Darwin Hybrid Tulip – These Darwin Hybrids are impressive, and this color blend lets you enjoy some of the best varieties.

Jan Bos Hyacinth - Hyacinths smell good. This variety has dark pink flowers. You can cut the blossoms and bring them indoors.